Sugar Milling

Sugar Mill

Sugar milling has advanced greatly since the late 1880's when small juice mills crushed 80 tonnes of cane per hour. Now Bundaberg Sugar’s technically advanced sugar mills have the capacity to crush at up to five times that rate and convert the cane juice to raw sugar crystals.

In total the company's mills have a daily crushing capacity of more than 15,000 tonnes of cane and produce more than 220,000 tonnes of raw sugar per year.

Millaquin mill is located at its original site on the bank of the Burnett River in Bundaberg. This is an integrated site at which cane is crushed, raw and refined sugar is produced. Nearby, alcohol is distilled and rum is bottled.

Bingera mill is 22 kilometres south-west of Bundaberg and receives cane via some 160 kilometres of company-owned cane railway network.