Sugar Processing: Recycling

All by-products from Queensland sugar mills are recycled adding to the efficiency of the industry's milling process.

Bagasse, the expended cane fibre remaining after the juice has been extracted, provides nearly all of the fuel required to power the mills. Bagasse can also be used to manufacture paper and can be applied as a mulch to gardens.

By-products, ash and filter mud, are used as a fertiliser on cane farms and gardens. Boiler ash is washed from the mill chimneys and filter mud is the residue left after the sugar has been clarified.

Molasses is the dark syrup separated from the raw sugar crystals during the milling process. Molasses is used in feed for animals such as cattle, and is sold to both the domestic and export markets. It is also used as a raw material in distilleries where industrial alcohol (such as ethanol), rum and carbon dioxide are made.