Sugar in the Home

People in Australia use sugar every day. The photograph below shows some of the different types of grain sugars, but there are also liquids such as Treacle and Golden Syrup.

Sugar Types

Sugar is not just used by itself either, there are dozens of products in every home which have sugar added. Sugar added in this way is used to:

  • sweeten foods (such as bran based cereals, making them tastier)
  • stop food going bad (for example, sugar in jam prevents the fruit from going mouldy)
  • keep bread moist and pleasant to eat

If you go to your kitchen, you'll find sugar listed as an ingredient on many items.

Sometimes the sugar listed in the ingredients is known by different names:

  • Glucose which usually comes from grain
  • Fructose which comes from fruit
  • Lactose which comes from milk

All sugar produced in Australia comes from the juice of sugar cane, a large type of grass. The sweet juice is stored in the stalk of the plant which can grow to be four metres high.