Food Catering Service

Bundaberg Sugar Food Service Division supplies many commercial users of sugar on a daily basis, through specialised Food Brokers. Bundaberg Sugar can be found throughout the country in various forms and applications in a wide range of outlets:

  • Snack bars
  • Bakeries
  • Restaurants
  • Government Institutions
  • Airlines
  • Hotels and Motels
  • Catering houses

Experienced sales staff will work with wholesalers to ensure that all products sold under the Bundaberg banner are servicing the ever changing needs of the marketplace.

We recognise that service back-up is all important for wholesalers when you are on-selling to end users and we are committed to being your reliable ally, not just a supplier.

At Bundaberg Sugar our aim is to establish ongoing mutually profitable relationships with our customers. If you would like any further information about our Food Service divisions, please contact us on 07 3835 8400 or Fax 07 3835 8411, or for the details of your local wholesaler, please contact the broker in your state..